Biotech Day 2017 – Exploring the World of DNA | 生物科技日2017 – 探索DNA世界

We offered Biotech Camps for students during summer time in 2010, 2011 and 2016. Over two days, students learnt new concepts and explored the fun of Science and Biotechnology via hands-on experiments.We are pleased to offer Biotech Day 2017 – Discovering the World of DNA in the coming summer! This is a one-day program for Primary 5-6, and Secondary 1-2 students who are interested in exploring the fun of DNA and genetics. What is offered?Teaching staff of BML Program will lead all students to explore the fun of DNA through specific topics. 

DNA & Genetics
  • Students will learn the nature and characteristics of DNA through hands-on activities, including Paper DNA model and DNA Extraction from Bacterial Cells.
Genetic Traits
  • Students will learn about different genetic traits through interactive games.
Genetic Diseases
  • Students will learn about different genetic diseases by making Candy DNA model.
Human Genome Map
  • Students will appreciate the amazing DNA world by taking a tour to the Human Genome Map.
DNA Forensics
  • Students will conduct simulated crime scene investigation and analysis through DNA Fingerprinting.

 Who is eligible?Students who are:

  • currently registered in Primary 5 – 6 or Secondary 1 – 2 in a school across Hong Kong, as of August 31, 2017; AND
  • must be aged 11 or above at the time of the Program; AND
  • nominated by the Principal of the School with parent’s consent.

 How many students will be registered in this program? Enrollment is limited to 32 students in each Program. On a per School basis, a group of 4 students, up to a maximum of 8 students, can be registered on a first-come, first-served basis. We will give priority to schools that are sending 4 to 8 students. Schools that are sending fewer than 4 or more than 8 students are encouraged to apply but will be placed on the waiting list. Dates of the Program:

(I) July 25, 2017 Tuesday BML-BTD1707A   09:45 a.m. – 04:15 p.m.
(II) July 27, 2017 Thursday BML-BTD1707B  


Biotech Lab and MobileLabHo Yu College and Primary School (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen)
4-6 Kin Tung Road, Tung Chung, Lantau Island, N.T.

 Medium of Instruction The course will be conducted in Cantonese, supplemented by English terms. Course FeeThe course fee of HK$ 300 per Student covers the costs for all activities and instructional materials. Meals are not included in the fee. Payment MethodsFor the Course Fee of HK$ 300 per Student, please send a crossed cheque payable to: SIK SIK YUEN by mail. Please write down student names and school name at the back of the cheque for reference.   DeadlinesApplication Form, Parental Consent Forms and Payment must be submitted on or before: Friday, June 23, 2017.Acceptance notification will be sent to the Teacher-in-Charge via email on or before: Friday, June 30, 2017. Teachers-in-Charge should remind the accepted students to join the program on time.

For the Course Fee of HK$ 300 per student, please make out a crossed cheque payable to: SIK SIK YUENPlease fax the completed Application Form to 2109-2002 to hold a place in the Program and then send the original copies of (1) Application Form, (2) Parental Consent Form and (3) the cheque for the Total Fee within a week, by mail to:

Sik Sik Yuen Biotechnology Mobile Laboratory Program

c/o Ho Yu College and Primary School, 4-6 Kin Tung Road, Tung Chung, Lantau Island, N.T.

(Attn: Ms. Sandy Yeung)

 Acceptance notification will be sent via email to the Teacher-in-Charge on or before June 30, 2017. Teachers-in-Charge should remind the accepted students to join the program on time. For more information, please contact Ms Yeung or Ms Lin by phone at 2109-1001 or via email at

Terms and ConditionsAll fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable once the application is accepted. Rejected applications will be fully refunded.Apply NOW!   

Application Form and Parental Consent Forms

In the following we post pictures taken at the Biotech Day from 2016 to highlight the participation of students.


「嗇色園生物科技流動實驗室(BML)計劃」於2010、2011及2016年舉辦了生物科技日。參加者透過親手做實驗,探索生物科技的知識與概念。我們將於這個暑假舉辦生物科技日2017-探索DNA世界,讓小五至小六年級及中一至中二年級的學生,透過不同活動學習遺傳學的知識。 活動內容BML計劃的講師將會通過生活化而有趣的活動,讓學生認識遺傳學的專門課題,包括: 

主題 活動
  • 學生將透過親手做實驗,以瞭解DNA的結構及特性,包括DNA摺紙模型和抽取細菌DNA
  • 學生將透過互動遊戲,學習不同的遺傳特徵
  • 學生將透過製作DNA糖果模型,學習不同的遺傳疾病
  • 學生將透過參觀人類基因圖譜,以探索基因之奧妙
  • 學生將於模擬案發現場搜證及進行模擬DNA指紋分析


  1. 直至2017年8月31日,正於香港就讀小五至小六年級或中一至中二年級;及
  2. 於生物科技日舉行時,參加者年齡必須年滿十一歲或以上;及
  3. 獲校長推薦及家長同意。

 取錄人數:每個生物科技日課程取錄人數上限為32位學生,每所學校可推薦4至8位學生,名額先到先得。推薦4至8位學生的學校將獲優先考慮,少於4位或多於8位學生參加的學校申請仍被接納,但會被列入候補名單。 課程日期:

(I) 2017年7月25日 星期二 BML-BTD1707A   09:45 a.m. – 04:15 p.m.
(II) 2017年7月27日 星期四 BML-BTD1707B 

   地點:生物科技教研室及流動實驗室(位於新界大嶼山東涌健東路4-6號嗇色園主辦可譽中學暨可譽小學) 授課語言:所有活動均以廣東話進行,輔以英文詞彙。 課程費用每位學生之課程費用為港幣三百元正,已包括所有活動及教學材料,但不包括膳食。 付款方式:請郵寄劃線支票,抬頭為 嗇色園,以支付每位學生港幣三百元正的課程費用。請於支票背面寫上學生名稱及學校名稱以作記錄。 截止日期:申請表格、家長同意書及劃線支票須於2017年6月23日(星期五)前寄回;取錄通知書將於2017年6月30日(星期五)或之前以電郵通知負責老師,請負責老師通知已被取錄之學生。 退款事宜:一經取錄,所有費用不獲退還。未獲取錄之申請將獲得全數退款。



 c/o: 新界大嶼山東涌健東路4-6號