26 August 2009 Newsletter

We were very pleased that many guests representing the Education, Biotech and Business sectors attended our MobileLab Inauguration ceremonies on April 24.  Everyone was excited about the Biotech MobileLab Program and appreciated its mission and vision.  They were also impressed by the exterior design, the lab design and setup, and the course contents of the MobileLab.Since the Inauguration, we have run lab sessions and workshops on the MobileLab with classes of secondary school students and groups of teachers, and received visitors from business and education sectors.  We have improved further on the audio-visual facilities, fine-tuned the operational modes, and prepared teaching materials.  A Bus Driver / Lab Assistant position, which represents a rare combination of talents, was open for application in July, and we were pleased to have appointed Mr. Poon Hing Chung for the position in the beginning of August.  Together with Ms. Sandy Yeung, the Executive Officer / Lab Instructor and Chung, I would be happily taking the MobileLab on the road to the s tudents and schools in Hong Kong.Please check our website for updates and downloadable forms.  Thanks and looking forward to visiting your School with the MobileLab and my crews,Dr. William MakExecutive Director