InnoCarnival 2013

A brief note as we have completed our offering of 36 workshops at the InnoCarnival 2013 We are extremely gratified to the immense responses from the primary and secondary students, and the public on the many workshops we offered at the InnoCarnival 2013. We were thrilled by the feedback from the parents who attended with their young children in our Parents & Kids Workshops on science exploration and DNA Science. We were impressed by the enthusiasm the primary and secondary students showed in learning and doing hands-on experiments on the topics of Microbiology Exploration – “Where are the germs?”, and the DNA Science – “The World of DNA –Visualize and Touch”. We were honored to have Prof. Chiu Yeung Chan, Department of Microbiology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, to deliver a lecture on “Beware of the Invisibles – Germs and Infection” on Sunday, Nov. 10 at our Microbiology Results session, in which students, teachers and parents gathered together at the Charles K. Kao Auditorium to listen to the lecture and view the experimental results. We had more than 150 primary and secondary students, teachers, and parents in the Auditorium, and everyone enjoyed Prof. Chan’s talk very much. For the results, Dr. Mak showed the audience what the students had done in the lab, what they had learned, and some samples of their lab results. There were many bacterial colonies revealed on their coins, pens, cell phones, hair and the bottom of their shoes! We also offered 14 Workshops for the Public to introduce the MobileLab and the Biotech Challenge. These workshops were open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. There were always long line-ups on the weekends and the participants were eager to find out about the MobileLab, learn something about biotechnology, and listen to what we talk about on biotech education. In fact, the waiting list was overwhelming on the last two days, and after the last workshop on each day we offered an additional workshop at 5:30 – 6:00 p.m. to cope with the demand. As we are now recuperating from the tremendous workload we had over the InnoCarnival 2013, during which we had received about 1,300 participants over 6 days, we are also preparing for the upcoming biotech education for several schools in the next few weeks. We are planning to post pictures taken for participants of each workshop outside the MobileLab and inside the lab while they were happily doing experiments. 創新科技嘉年華 2013 已經完滿結束! 流動實驗室計劃於嘉年華中,舉辦了三十六場生物科技工作 坊,讓我們一齊回顧這九日的盛況。 看到中、小學生,以至公眾人士對我們舉辦之工作坊的熱烈反應,我們深感鼓舞。參加者,尤其家長 們表示很難得能與子女於實驗室內一同親手做實驗、學習日常生活的科學知識及遺傳學概念,更表現 得十分雀躍。而從「何處覓細菌」及「DNA 趣味之旅—體驗與探討」的實驗裡,中小學生透過親手做 實驗,探索微生物世界及學習遺傳學概念。 今年我們很榮幸邀請了香港中文大學微生學系陳超揚教授,於 11 月 10 日(星期日) 高錕會議中心微生 物實驗結果部分,講解與大家息息相關的題目—「戒慎乎其所不睹—細菌與傳染病」,當日更有超過 一百五十位學生、教師及家長出席參與,反應非常熱烈。此外,他們在實驗結果部分中,瞭解學生當 日於流動實驗室內所學的微生物學知識及親手做實驗的情況,大家對其實驗結果都感到很震撼 — 不 但錢幣、原子筆、流動電話、頭髮,甚至鞋底都有很多細菌! 另外,我們亦舉辦了 14 場公眾工作坊—「挑戰生物科技 — 流動實驗室」,讓不同人士參與,但以先 到先得為準則。於假日期間,流動實驗室旁經常有長長的人龍,參加者都希望了解流動實驗室計劃及 其教學理念,以及生物科技的最新發展。而於嘉年華最後兩天的星期六及星期日,我們更須要每天加 開一場工作坊(5:30 – 6:00 .p.m.)以應付長長的人龍。 這六日的嘉年華中,近 1,300 人參加我們的工作坊,接觸生物科技,情況令人鼓舞。我們正籌備往後 多個星期於不同學校舉辦的學生生物科技工作坊,以及整理嘉年華的相片,我們將剪輯一些工作坊的 最精彩的活動花絮及照片,讓大家分享參加者的喜悅。