InnoCarnival 2015

InnoCarnival 2015

TO: Students / Teachers / Parents / Public

  1. Here is a wonderful opportunity to explore the Microbial World and learn about DNA Science.
  2. The BML Program is offering 36 workshops over 6 days during the InnoCarnival 2015, on the MobileLab, stationed at the Hong Kong Science Park.
  3. Workshops are offered to primary and secondary students, and the general public.
  4. Registration is free-of-charge, and accepted on a first-come; first-served basis.
  5. ALL Student Workshops must be registered by the supervising Teacher, with approval given by the School Principal.

Dr. William Mak, Executive Director

致: 學生 / 教師 / 家長及市民

流動實驗室計劃將於創新科技嘉年華,舉辦為期六日的生物科技工作坊,讓師生們於實驗室內學習 DNA 與遺傳及探索微生物世界。屆時有十八項不同程度的學生及市民工作坊,共三十六場。

  1. 流動實驗室屆時停泊於香港科學園高錕會議中心對出。
  2. 工作坊對象包括中小學學生及全港市民。
  3. 所有工作坊均費用全免,而取錄報名以先到先得為準則。
  4. 所有學生工作坊必須由負責教師網上申請報名,並獲得校長推薦。

流動實驗室計劃 項目總監 麥惠南博士

嗇色園生物科技流動實驗室 (BML) 計劃獲 創新科技署 邀請,於「創新科技嘉年華2015」舉辦中、小學生及市民工作坊,主題為「探索DNA與微生物世界」