Primary Education Forensic Science

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Forensic Science
For Primary 5-6
Duration: Preparation time of 2 -2.5 hours is required to set up the simulated crime scene at your school hall and stage.
Class Size: Limited to 32 students
You may choose any combination of the following components for this course:

Course Duration
Fibre Analysis ~ 45-60 min
Finding Weapons & Fingerprint Analysis ~ 45 min
Simulated DNA Fingerprinting ~ 60 min
Paper Chromatography  


Forensic Science – Fibre Analysis

Students will learn to collect fibre samples from the simulated crime scene. They will examine the samples with a microscope to determine if it matches with any samples from the suspects.


Forensic Science – Finding Weapons & Fingerprint Analysis

Students will use UV lamps to search for a glowing fingerprint in a variety of household items to determine which item is the weapon. They will also learn to collect fingerprints from the simulated crime scene.


Forensic Science – Simulated DNA Fingerprinting

Students will learn to use micropipettes and analyze simulated DNA samples with gel electrophoresis to determine who the criminal is.


Forensic Science – Paper Chromatography

Students will learn the principles of chromatography and conduct a simple experiment to separate colors in marker pen ink.