Primary Education Science

We offer a variety of interesting and fun science and biotech workshops for students at primary levels. * Registration Flow and Payment Method

For Primary 3-6
Duration: Each experiment takes about 30 min depending on the exact number of participants. You shall only choose experiments that fall under the same topic for each class. There are also other experiments related to different scientific topics, please contact us at 2109-1001 if necessary.
Class Size: Limited to 32 students
You may choose from the following 3 topics:

Water (Course Code: BML-PS-01)

  • Hot Springs
    Students learn about how material expands in higher temperature and shrinks in lower temperature.
  • Phantom Speedboat
    Students learn the concept of surface tension and surfactants. They will try to make a paper boat move without touching it.
  • Melting Ice
  • Students learn the concept of freezing point and how it can be affected by different materials.


Food Science (Course Code: BML-PS-02)

  • Self-Inflating Balloons
    Students learn the concept of acid and base. They will try to use this concept to inflate balloon without using their mouths.
  • Traffic Light
    Students learn the concept of acid and base. They will conduct a simple pH test that will result in different colors.
  • Colourful M & M
    Students learn the basic principles of paper chromatography and test it on M & M chocolate beans.
  • Floating Eggs
    Students learn the concept of density and see if they can make a sinking egg float by manipulating the density of the liquid.
  • Spinning Eggs
    Students learn the different states of matter and how it affects the movement of things.


Electric Prowess (Course Code: BML-PS-03)

  • Name the Conductor
    Students learn the concept of insulators and conductors. They then try to find out what material is a conductor through experiment.
  • Paper Circuit
    Students learn basic principles of a closed circuit and then create a functional electric circuit on a card.