Partnering Ho Yu 與可譽合作

The Biotech Lab, which is the headquarter for the MobileLab Program, was established at Ho Yu College and Primary School (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen) in Tung Chung in April 2004. The Biotech Lab is well-equipped with advanced instruments and equipment at the university level. The Biotech Lab serves as the venue and functional platform on which the MobileLab Program launches the Biotech Education Program to schools across Hong Kong.


We have collaborated in developing the school-based Biotech Education with Ho Yu science teachers since 2009. This Biotech Day Program is offered to all students from Primary Three to Secondary Six, focuses on the two major areas of biotechnology, namely, DNA and Genetics (from “Paper and Candy DNA Models” to “DNA Fingerprinting”), and Microbiology Exploration (from “Where are the Germs?” to “Effects of Antibiotics on Bacterial Growth”).


Through-Train Biotech Education at Ho Yu 在可譽的一條龍生物科技教育
Themes and Experiments 主題與實驗
Primary education
Junior primary
Microbiology Exploration and Infectious Diseases
– Glo hands

Senior primary
Microbiology Exploration and Infectious Diseases Where are the Germs?
– 探索微生物世界與傳染病
– 何處覓細菌?

DNA, Genetics Traits and Genetic Diseases
– Paper and Candy DNA Model
– DNA Extraction of Bacterial Cells

– 摺紙與糖果DNA模型
– 抽取細菌DNA
Secondary education
Junior secondary
Microbiology Exploration and Infectious Diseases
– Microscopy
– Where are the Germs?
– Effects of Temperature on Bacterial Growth
– Effects of Household Chemicals on Bacterial Growth
– Effects of Antibiotics on Bacterial Growth
– Concept of Antibiotic Resistance

– 顯微鏡學
– 何處覓細菌?
– 溫度對細菌生長的影響
– 家居化學物質對細菌生長的影響
– 抗生素對細菌生長的影響
– 抗生素抗藥性的概念
Senior secondary
Microbiology Exploration and Infectious Diseases
– Bacterial Cell Count by Serial Dilution
– Determination of Cell Turbidity by Spectrophotometry

– 利用連續稀釋法量度細菌菌落數量
– 利用光譜儀量度細菌生長      

DNA and Genetics
– Agarose Gel Electrophoresis – Principles and Applications
– Restriction Digestion Analysis – DNA Fingerprinting
– Recombinant DNA Technology
– Transformation of Bacterial Cells
– Detection of Genetically Modified Food

– 瓊脂凝膠電泳 – 原理與應用
– 限制酶實驗分析 – DNA指紋分析
– DNA重組技術
– 細菌細胞轉化
– 基因改良食物測試
Promotion of Science Education at Ho Yu

In addition to the school-based Biotech Education, we have collaborated with Ho Yu in developing and delivering the “Science@Lunch” and “Science@Home” programs to Ho Yu students and their parents.



We have launched the “Science@Lunch” Program at Ho Yu since 2006. We deliver the program to all students at Ho Yu at the primary and secondary levels during lunch time in order to promote science and biotechnology among students. Topics presented in the program range from microbiology to food technology to human genomics.


The program includes short lectures, discussions, and hands-on experiments. Students are excited and thrilled by the comprehensive lecture contents and the practical lab work.


We also apply this concept to other schools as the “Science@Your School” Program.



The “Science@Home” Competition is offered to for primary students and their parents every summer to explore the fun of science at home since 2009. The topics are related to daily lives, for example, “Lemon Power”, “Phantom Speedboat”, “Melting Ice Cubes”, “The Quest for Longevity”, “Feeble Attraction”, “Persistent Bubbles” and “Floating Eggs”.


Student Science Projects

Ho Yu Students carried out scientific investigation on various projects in the biotech lab, including, “Preserve and Serve”, “Edible Paper”, “The Secret of Ginger Milk Curding”, and “Beefase”, etc.


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