Visiting Schools 到訪學校

One major feature that the BML Program is capable and proud of is the development of curriculum that suits students at the primary and secondary levels. For secondary students, the curricula cover most of the two Electives in the DSE Biology Curriculum and part of DSE Chemistry Curriculum. For primary students, the programs cover some of General Studies Senior Primary Curriculum.

流動實驗室計劃最引以為傲的特色之一,就是能為中小學程度的同學量身訂造適宜的課程。對於中學同學,相關課程大致涵蓋中學文憑生物科的兩門選修課程和 DSE 化學課程的一部分。 對於小學生,計劃涵蓋了常識科高小課程。

Students with eyes wide-open in awe because of an unwinding DNA model in motion. It was these moments that made education rewarding. We feel they are inspired, motivated and becoming more confident about learning new knowledge. The students felt that they could understand science, something that they never believed they could.


Student Voices 來自學生的聲音

From the questionnaires filled in by the students in these workshops we collected a lot of comments and opinions. Most of the feedback indicated their gratitude for the workshop, the professional teaching staff and the MobileLab。


Teacher and Principal Voices 來自老師和校長的聲音

Teachers commented that their students were very happy at the learning opportunity on the MobileLab, the use of advanced instruments and the outstanding workshops. A principal related that the students kept talking about the MobileLab after the workshops, showed a different attitude towards learning, and demanded for the return of the MobileLab in the next year.


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