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1. DNA and Genetics (Molecular Biology) DNA與遺傳學(分子生物學)

Through a series of well-developed courses focusing on DNA, our genetic material, participants are able to boost their interest and expand their knowledge on the latest advancements in the field. Students learn the DNA structure by making a paper model, genetic defects and diseases with a candy model, and DNA fingerprinting by running and analyzing agarose gel electrophoresis.


Course Code
Course Title
D01#Paper DNA Model 摺紙DNA模型
D02#Bitter Genes 吃苦的基因
D03Candy DNA 美食DNA
D04Extraction of Bacterial DNA 抽取細菌DNA
D05Restriction Digestion Analysis 限制內切酶分析
D06ASimulated DNA Fingerprinting 模擬DNA指紋分析
D06B*DNA Fingerprinting DNA指紋分析
D07*@Recombinant DNA Technology – Transformation of a Green Fluorescent Protein Gene  DNA重組技術—轉移螢光基因
D08*Effects of UV Light Exposure on DNA Damage 紫外光線對DNA受損的影響
D09*Simulated CRISPR to treat Cystic Fibrosis 模擬CRISPR技術—治療囊性纖維化
D11*DNA Model DNA模型
D12**Agar Art Workshop 瓊脂藝術工作坊
2. Microbiology Exploration 探索微生物世界

Students learn about germs and microbes by asking “WHERE are the germs?”, and personal health and hygienic issues by studying household chemicals and antibiotics on bacterial growth.


Course Code
Course Title
M01“Glo” Hands – Illustration of Effectiveness of Hand-wash by Fluorescent Gel 「螢」之手—利用發光顯影劑測試洗手效能
M02Where are the Germs? – Grow Germs from Hands and Environment 何處覓細菌?—培養手指與環境中的微生物
M03Effects of Temperature on Bacterial Growth 溫度對細菌生長的影響
M04Effects of Household Chemicals on Bacterial Growth 家居化學物質對細菌生長的影響
M05Effects of Antibiotics on Bacterial Growth 抗生素對細菌生長的影響
M06Determination of Bacterial Cell Number by Serial Dilution and Spreading 利用連續稀釋法及塗抹法量度細菌數量
M07Determination of Turbidity by Spectrophotometry 利用光譜測定法量度細菌樣本的混濁度
M08*Water Quality Test – Chromogenic Analysis of Water Contaminants 水質測試:水污染物顯色分析
M09@Effects of pH on Bacterial Growth 酸鹼對細菌生長的影響
3. Forensic Science 鑑證科學

Forensic science is the study of crime-related subjects with the application of science and biotechnology during investigation process. This is a broad field including DNA analysis, fingerprint analysis, hair/fibre analysis, footwear analysis, paint analysis, etc. We set up a simulated crime scene in school hall and classroom. The students become the detectives to collect, preserve and analyze the scientific evidence to solve the cases.


Course Code
Course Title
F01Shoeprint Analysis 鞋印分析
F02Fibre Analysis 衣物纖維分析
F03Fingerprint Analysis 指紋分析
F04Blood Splatter 血跡形態分析
F05Paper Chromatography Analysis 過濾紙色層分析法
F06DNA Analysis (Simulated) DNA分析(模擬)
F07*DNA Analysis DNA分析
F08*Blood Type Analysis (Simulated) 血型分析(模擬)
4. Biochemistry 生物化學

Biochemistry is the study of chemical process in the living organism including structural biology and metabolism. We use protein quantification in milk and blood typing to correlate the biological concepts to daily life experience. Biochemistry is not a distanced subject, but instead can be applied to every day activities.


Course Code
Course Title
B01ADetermination of Protein Amount 量度蛋白質含量
B01BDetermination of Protein Amount (with colorimeter) 量度蛋白質含量(色度儀)
B02*Gel Filtration Chromatography  凝膠過濾色層分析法
B03*Simulated Blood Typing  模擬血型鑒定
B04A*Simulated Diagnosis of Diabetes 模擬糖尿病診斷
B04B*Simulated Diagnosis of Diabetes (with glucometer) 模擬糖尿病診斷 (血糖機)
B05*Simulated Diagnosis of COVID-19 (ELISA test) 模擬2019冠狀病毒病診斷 (酶聯免疫吸附測試)
5. Science@YourSchool 趣「至」科學

We have developed simple science projects with the themes of “Facets of Water”, “The Science in Food”, and “Electric Prowess”. In each theme, there are several science experiments that are fun, easy to understand, easy to operate, and attainable. We name this science exploration as “Science@YourSchool” and offer these experiments  onboard. In each workshop, we offer 2-3 experiments with a short introduction of the theory and hands-on practical work, each can be completed within 10-15 minutes.

我們在三個主題下進行科學小實驗——「水之百態」、 「食物與科學」與「電『道』」 。每個主題下的實驗都有趣易明,操作簡潔,結果可觀。我們將活動命名為「趣『至』科學」,帶到邀請流動實驗室的各間學校之中。每個工作坊都有2-3個小實驗,包括簡短講解與親身操作,每個小實驗都能在10-15分鐘內完成。

Course Code
Course Title
S01Facets of Water 水之百態
S02The Science in Food 食物與科學
S03Electric Prowess 電「道」
6. Biotech Challenge – The MobileLab 挑戰生物科技—流動實驗室
Course Code
Course Title
I01ABiotech Challenge – The MobileLab 挑戰生物科技—流動實驗室
I01BBiotech Challenge – The MobileLab model 挑戰生物科技—流動實驗室模型
7. The Mobile LectureLab 流動教室
Course Code
Course Title
L01DNA-the CODE of Life DNA-生命解碼

#Not a standalone course and must be combined with other courses.


*Requires additional fees per class ($2,000) and notification 2 months in advance.


@ To be conducted at Biotech Lab in Tung Chung.


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