Education Professional support 教育專業支援

MobileLab outside the HK Science Museum


Since 2009, the MobileLab program has collaborated with the Education Bureau (EDB), the Macao Association For Promotion of Science and Technology, local secondary and primary school, as well as other organizations to provide professional training for teachers and principals of biotechnology. We have provided training to around 200 teachers from more than 60 schools.

自二零零九年起,流動實驗室計劃就與香港教育局(EDB)、澳門科學技術協進會、在地學校與各種機構合作,為老師和校長提供生物科技主題的專業培訓。至今,我們已為來自 60 多所學校的約 200 名教師提供培訓。

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