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1. 小學組碗賽亞軍

2. 初中組盃賽冠軍

3. 高中組盃賽季軍

4. S2C朱紫妍獲初中組「最有價值球員」




Students’ Achievements】【King’s Park Kin-Ball Championship (Mix Division) 2023


Our Kin-Ball Team members competed for the primary, junior and senior secondary divisions of the King’s Park Kin-Ball Championship (Mix Division) 2023. Thanks to months of intensive training and their exceptional performance, they won the following prizes:


1. Bowl Division 1st Runner-up (Primary)

2. Cup Division Champion (Junior Secondary)

3. Cup Division 2nd Runner-up (Senior Secondary)

4. S2C CHU TSZ YIN was awarded the Most Valuable Player in the junior secondary division


Let's keep our fingers crossed that the Ho Yu Kin-Ball Team will make another success in the upcoming competition in July!










Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes for Senior Secondary School Students


Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes for Senior Secondary School Students is a recognition for students who demonstrate an achieving performance in both self-directed learning and leadership development. LEUNG Po Man and LAW Cheuk Ying from Ho Yu College (S6) have shown an outstanding performance in the aspects of academic results, conduct, volunteer services, and extra-curricular activities. Hence, they have been awarded the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes for Senior Secondary School Students.


Po Man and Cheuk Ying have a spirit of exploration. They are curious about knowledge, keen to study and good at self-directed learning. They are eager to search for answers and consult with the teachers. Throughout the three years of senior secondary school life, they have always attained remarkable academic results with flying colours.


With a good allocation of time, Po Man and Cheuk Ying struck a balance between study and extra-curricular activities. When they were in leadership positions, they did not only treat their work conscientiously and responsibly, but also demonstrated an exceptional ability to organize things methodically, earning the trust from teachers and schoolmates. With a proven ability in planning and execution, they are highly capable and dedicated to giving their best and serve as a role model for their fellow schoolmates.







在體驗活動當中,首先由詠春體育會主席暨葉問二子葉正師傅首徒-李煜昌師傅向同學展示及講解詠春的拳理,與此同時,專業攝影師教授學生學習運用手機拍攝不同角度動作圖片,並且加以運用手機程式即時作編輯。完成後,同學與大會分享相片及討論延伸活動- VR 虛擬詠春拳館的創作設計



The “Chinese Martial Arts and Sports Culture Communication” project is launched by the Department of Journalism and Communication of the Hong Kong Shue Yan University. Secondary school participants learnt about Wing Chun, one of the fifth batch of national intangible heritage and the first Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong through Chinese martial arts as a starting point.


This experience deepened students’ understanding of traditional Chinese morality, etiquette, culture and philosophy, arousing students' interest in traditional Chinese culture and strengthen their sense of national identity to carry on the legacy of the traditional culture.


Master Dennis Lee, Chairman of Ving Tsun Athletic Associaton, and disciple of Grandmaster Ip Ching (second son of the last Grandmaster Ip Man) kicked off the event by demonstrating and elaborating the principles of Wing Chun. At the same time, professional photographers taught students how to use their mobile phones to take photos of the Wing Chun movements from different angles, and use a mobile app to do the editing immediately. Last but not least, students shared the photos taken and discussed together in an extended activity to create a VR Wing Chun centre.









Carrying on the Legacy of National Culture

A Chinese Craft Market Tour

Carrying on the legacy of national culture is of the essence when it comes to safeguarding national security. In celebration of the National Security Education Day on 15 April, teachers in charge of the Humanities and Citizenship and Social Development have organized a Traditional Chinese Craft Market featuring traditional Chinese snacks, Pitch-pot game, trying on Hanfu (traditional Chinese costume), and DIY Chinese sachets. Students discovered the significance behind Chinese culture and learnt to treasure and pass on the tradition culture through such fascinating activities. During lunch break, teachers and students appreciated the Sichuan face changing performance, a national intangible cultural heritage, in which performers changed their face masks in just a blink of an eye, shifting among a variety of emotions. Witnessing the beauty of this national cultural heritage, we learn to cherish our own national culture from this activity.


























Ho Yu students strive for excellence

Received Shun Shin Chee Kit Yin Koon Scholarship


2023 Taoist Day Shun Shin Chee Kit Yin Koon Scholarship aims to reward students with excellent academic performance and good moral character. Students of all ages in our school do not only strive to improve in their studies, but also devote themselves to helping and infecting those around them with good value.


The award-winning students are as follows:


Secondary school

First:    S5C TANG SIU SAN

Second:           S5C NG PAK HO



Primary school

First:    P6C XIA LI YAN

Second:           P6B ZHOU CHIN YI



Congratulations to the above students. We hope you will keep it up and be a person who excels in both academics and moral conduct.



P5A 莊祖龍同學自2022起,便積極參與各大小的網球比賽,積累經驗,而他亦越戰越強,憑着堅毅的意志,橫掃多個網球界的新秀比賽獎項,取得一次又一次的勝利,嶄露頭角,成為一顆矚目的新星。



  1. 2022社區少年網球新星賽(6)之青少年單人U10項目第一名
  2. 2022社區少年網球新星賽(8)之青少年單人U10項目第一名
  3. 2022 日清出前一丁青少年網球U10新秀賽 (10)第一名
  4. 2022 日清出前一丁青少年網球U10新秀賽 (11)第二名
  5. 2023UTR深圳越通青少年認證賽U12男子組第一



Burton James Alexander Loong of P5A has been actively participating in tennis competitions since 2022. As he joined tennis competition one after another, he has accumulated a lot of experience, he is becoming more and more skillful. Also, with his perseverance, he has won many prizes in different new talent tennis competition. He has become a new tennis star.


The following are the awards he has recently received:

1. Winner - Boys U10 Singles Community Junior Tennis Rising Star Competition (June 2022)

2. Winner - Boys U10 Singles Community Junior Tennis Rising Star Competition (August 2022)

3. Winner - Boys U10 Singles NISSIN Hong Kong Junior Tennis Novice Competition (October 2022)

4. Runner-up - Boys U10 Singles NISSIN Hong Kong Junior Tennis Novice Competition (November 2022)

5. Winner - Boys U12 Singles Universal Tennis (UTR) ShenZhen “Yue Tong Cup” Junior Tennis Tournament (February 2023)


Ho Yu congratulates the new tennis star Burton James Alexander Loong for winning multiple tennis competition awards, and hopes that he can be the winner of all the future matches. He is not only a rising tennis star, but also a shining “Tomorrow Star”.








Ho Yu student understands things with empathy

The painting "Spring Morning Flower" won her a prize






Kotani Waka from P5B likes painting very much. She often gets inspiration from things and people in everyday life. She often tries to understand others’ feeling and combines it with her imagination in her paintings.

"Spring Morning Flower" is one of her works, and it also won the second runner-up of "Asia Students Art Festival - Art Painting Competition 2023" for her. When she was thinking about what to draw, she tried to imagine herself as a blooming flower in the morning in spring. Then, she expressed her joyfulness for the coming of spring through her art piece.

Ho Yu congratulates Waka for winning the second runner-up in the competition, and hopes that she can continue to record colorful scenes of everyday life with the use of images, colors and lines through her observation, imagination and multi-angled thinking.








P2A, P2B


P4A, P4D


P5A, P5C, P5D




Developing Good Study Habits and Responsibilities through Homework Submission In Primary Classes


Ho Yu students are active and responsible learners. They develop good study habits from preparing for the lesson, taking part in the lesson to finishing homework. This can also enhance their learning effectiveness.

Congratulations to the following classes with the highest homework submission rate in November and December! They will be awarded a priority pre-sale pass at the mini Ho Yu Market.


Announcement of results of the primary classes with the highest homework submission rate (November and December)



Primary 1 & 2

P2A, P2B

Primary 3 & 4

P4A, P4D

Primary 5 & 6

P5A, P5C, P5D

Congratulations to these classes for submitting homework punctually and responsibly, students will receive a gift from Ho Yu Market.













Walk the Talk

Student Environmental Protection Ambassador Scheme


Our students participated in the Student Environmental Protection Ambassador (SEPA) Scheme organised by the Environmental Campaign Committee, Environmental Protection Department and Education Bureau. They were trained to be Student Environmental Protection Ambassadors and visited Lung Mei Beach and Long Valley, Fanling for cleanup activity and field study.

Through a series of environmental protection activities, students learnt about marine conservation and raised awareness of local environmental issues. They devoted their time and energies to environmental protection and cleanliness, hoping to be a role model with not just mere words, but also actions.

Our students have participated in two of the captioned activities. But we still have a long way to go. So Keep it up!












Embracing Personal Interests with Positivity

S6A Lam Hoi Ching Awarded Applied Learning Scholarship

With dedication in ApL course, S6A Lam Hoi Ching was awarded the Applied Learning Scholarship from Law’s Charitable Foundation and Education Bureau for her positive learning attitude and outstanding performance.

As Hoi Ching is passionate about drawing and designing, she took an ApL course “Digital Comic Design and Production” to learn various concepts and technological skills in digital comic design and production.

Hoi Ching is eager to explore various fields of study with unlimited potential and discovers her career aspirations and orientation for lifelong learning.

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