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逆境無懼  校園顯關愛


我校致力推動生命教育及價值教育,我們相信正向的人生態度能幫助學生面對不同的事情。在2020-2021 年度,我校參加了關愛校園獎勵計劃,我們的努力獲得肯定,獲得「推動生命教育」範疇的榮譽學校殊榮。我們會繼續積極培養學生的品德以及抗逆能力,讓學生學習正面解決生活中的難題。


A loving and caring school in braving adversity

Ho Yu granted Life Planning Active Promotion Award

Ho Yu has always been committed to promoting students’ development of life and value education. We believe by adapting positive values and attitudes towards life, students are able to face the challenges and difficulties of growing up. In 2020-2021, we are honoured to receive the Life Planning Active Promotion Award under the Caring School Award Scheme. We will continue to nurture students’ moral values and guide them to build resilience to cope with life’s adversities with an optimistic approach.

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