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Financial Management and Fraud Prevention Video Creation Competition

   In order to promote personal financial management concepts and anti-fraud information, Junior Police Call held a short video creation competition on financial management and anti-fraud to cultivate participants' personal financial management concepts and enhance their awareness of crime prevention. HoYu students actively participated in the competition, and their works won the Merit Award. The winning students are as follows:



























































Ho Yu Student Wins an Award in the Chinese Secondary School Essay Competition 2020-2021 

   The Chinese Secondary School Essay Competition 2020-2021 has been completed, and the theme of this competition was the meaning of life. In the Hong Kong Division, there were more than 60,000 participants. Our student, Zhou Yingying from S6C, managed to compare the rural and urban lives of people in order to highlight the emptiness of the hearts of urban people with her delicate writing skills. She was selected as one of the top 15 among Hong Kong high schools, and finally won the gold award!


Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes for Senior Secondary School Students

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes for Senior Secondary School Students is a recognition for students who demonstrate an achieving performance in both self-directed learning and leadership development. Liu Hoi Lam and Yu Wing Ki from Ho Yu Secondary School (S6) have shown an outstanding performance in the aspects of academic results, conduct, volunteer service, and extra curricula activity. Hence, they have been awarded the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes for Senior Secondary School Students. 


Hoi Lam and Wing Ki are full of the spirit of exploration. They are curious about knowledge, keen to study, and good at self-directed learning. They are open to searching for answers and seeking help from teachers when needed. Throughout their three years in the senior secondary school, they have always been remarkable in their grades and ranks. 


With a good allocation of time, Hoi Lam and Wing Ki found a balance between studying and participating in extra curricula activities. As the leaders in different posts, they not only always hold a serious and responsible attitude towards what they do, but have also demonstrated an exceptional ability to organize things methodically, earning trusts from teachers and schoolmates. With a proven ability in planning and execution, they are capable and dedicated, who will continue to give their best and serve as a role model to their schoolmates. 


 可譽同學於2021-2022 第八屆全港小學數學挑戰賽獲獎

Ho Yu students winning at the 8th Hong Kong Primary Mathematics Challenge

 由香港教育大學及香港教區學校聯會(中學組)合辦的第八屆全港小學數學挑戰賽於2021124日順利舉行,可譽小學P5C Gang Sung Woo同學和P6B蘇灼翹同學分別獲得小五組的銀獎和小六組的優異獎,成績令人鼓舞。

Our students got outstanding results in the 8th Hong Kong Primary Mathematics Challenge. The event was co-organized by The Education University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Catholic Schools Council (Secondary session), which took place on 4th December 2021. Gang Sung Woo (P5C) received a remarkable silver award, and Su Cheuk Kiu (P6B) had also received a merit award.


可譽同學於2021-2022 香港學科比賽獲獎(數學科)

Ho Yu students awarded at the Fun Fun Arena 2021-2022 (Maths

同日下午,本校奧數隊參加了由Fun Fun Arena舉辦的網上香港學科比賽2021-2022(數學科)。小學P4A顏熙翹同學、P5B成舒雯同學和P5C Gang Sung Woo同學勇奪小四組和小五組的銀獎,恭喜上述同學。




On 4th December 2021, our Mathematics Olympiad team had also joined the online subject competition hosted by Fun Fun Arena. Congratulations to Ngan Hei Kiu (P4A), Sing Shu Man (P5B) and Gang Sung Woo (P5C), who had received silver awards in the More Than A Competition 2021-22.


Ho Yu students’ passion in Mathematics are shown in their active participation in taking on the challenging questions raised by teachers during their daily lessons. Some of them are in the Mathematics Olympiad team, which provides various activities and trainings to enhance members’ ability in mathematical logic and analysis. Our teachers constantly encourage students to take part in different mathematics competitions, so as to increase their exposure to the knowledge and social circle in the mathematics world. 


小五級周芊懿同學憑著努力不懈的態度 於數碼世代中闖出一片天

Utilizing Media Online And Showcasing Students’ Talents – Zhou Chin Yi Earns Award In ‘I’m A KOL!’ Competition



 Aiming to exercise the flexibility of learning modes in digital era and strengthen students’ speaking ability, ‘I’m a KOL’ competition provides a platform for primary school students in Hong Kong to produce educational videos, in which students are permitted to select and use their own choice of materials and adopt their preferred ways of presentation. We are delighted to announce the achievement of our student, Zhou Chin Yi of P.5C, who performed outstandingly and showcased her talent in the competition. Being able to impress the judges, she has earned ‘the Best Potential Award’ in Putonghua category (senior primary), after her sister, Zhou Chin Yu of S1D, earning the same award last year. Congratulations to Chin Yi and we hope she can keep up her good work!
 重關懷 顯創意


Highlighting Values Of Care And Creativity

Ho Yu Receives Innovation Award In Hi-Five Engagement Award Scheme 2020-21


  The 3rd Hi-Five Engagement Award Scheme organized by Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service jointly with the Education Bureau and the Education University of Hong Kong has been successfully concluded. The scheme aims at encouraging schools to cultivate a positive school culture that cherishes connection, thereby allowing students to build a sense of commitment and responsibility in the campus with sufficient care from the school.

  We feel honoured to have won the Innovation Award in 2020-2021, we will keep working hard to design a variety of programmes for Ho Yu students to provide them with diverse learning opportunities. We will also actively build an inclusive culture that strengthens students’ mentality.

 喜訊:祝賀可譽同學在「GPASK中小學普通話水平考試」之「口語評估」中,考獲「卓越」或「優良」等級佳績Congratulations to Ho Yu students for achieving Distinction or Merit in the Oral Language Assessment of the GPASK Primary and Secondary Mandarin Proficiency Test!
 可譽中文科於202111月,推薦了9位同學參加由權威的北京大學語文教育研究所研發,中國頂尖的語言學專家學者鑒定,是唯一獲得中國教育部認證批辦的漢語普通話水平考試項目   -GPASK中小學普通話水平考試」。所有同學在參與的「口語評估」中,均取得「卓越」或「優良」等級,其中2位更以97分或以上的「卓越一級」最高等級榮譽,完成評估,實在可喜可賀。



  1. 顏思同-卓越一級
  2. 顏思如-卓越二級
  3. 崔梓賢-卓越二級


  1. 彭浩然-卓越一級
  2. 宋慶韾-卓越二級
  3. 林昕敏-優良一級


  1. 鄭苑宜-卓越二級
  2. 中山婷婷-優良一級
  3. 周振源-優良一級

In November 2021, nine of our students took the GPASK Mandarin Proficiency Test, which is the only Mandarin Proficiency Test for Chinese Language approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, developed by the Institute of Language Education at Peking University and validated by top linguistic experts in China. All of the students attained Distinction or Merit grades in the Oral Language Assessment, and two of them even completed the assessment with the highest grade of "First Level Distinction" with a score of 97 or above, which is very impressive.

 1  2  3
 4  5  6
 7  8  9

何嘉怡同學修讀應用學習「甜品及咖啡店營運」課 (Patisserie and Café Operations),學習有甜品及咖啡店的特、食、店運作、食衛生知識等,認識何謂理想的業及顧

何光亮修讀應用學習「酒店服務營運」課 (Hospitality Services in Practice),學習酒業三個主要範的基知識,包前台、酒客房部及餐的營運。他以實踐的模學習,並到酒交流,了優質服的重要性。


Applied Learning Scholarship


Applied Learning (ApL) courses help our students to explore their career aspirations and orientation for lifelong learning. It also emphasizes practice and theory in broad professional and vocational fields.

Learning about the characteristics of desserts and café, food production, store operations and food hygiene through the ApL course "Patisserie and Café Operations", Ho Ka Yi from S6C understood the ideals of running a business with good customer services. Ho Kwong Leong Luciano from S6C also took an ApL course "Hospitality Services in Practice" to learn the importance of quality service and fundamentals of the hospitality industry, including front desk, room service and food and beverage operations through a hands-on learning mode and hotel exchanges.

With their dedication in the ApL courses, both of them were awarded the Applied Learning Scholarship from Law’s Charitable Foundation and Education Bureau for their positive learning attitude and outstanding performance.

應用學習2 應用學習3
 發揮理財觸覺  精明規劃未來



今年的初賽以網上問答形式進行,優秀隊伍會到金鐘統一中心The Desk進行現場初賽。可譽同學們在第一階段已輕鬆地獲得到場參與資格,參與今屆賽事新增環節「理財設計思維初選」。同學於比賽當天才知道比賽的題目,在兩小時內就特定的主題展開討論,設計理財的解決方案,並且向評委進行匯報。同學沉着應戰,把所學的知識應用出來,終於成功躋身三強,獲得晉身決賽的資格。


 Demonstrating Financial Acumen and Planning for the Future Wisely:
Ho Yu Students Won the First Runner-up in Hong Kong Financial Literacy Championship 2021

The Hong Kong Financial Literacy Championship 2021 is organized by iKNOW of Hong Kong Economic Journal and co-organized by the Education Bureau and Hong Kong Monetary Authority, aiming to help young people make the best use of FinTech to manage personal finance and raise their awareness of cybersecurity. It also educates them to protect personal property and privacy properly, and plan for their future wisely.

This year's preliminary round was conducted in the form of online quizzes, with the best teams selected to participate in the next round of on-site selection – “Financial Design Thinking Workshop”, which took place in The Desk at Admiralty Centre. Ho Yu students who joined the on-site selection were required to discuss a specific topic, design a financial solution and present it to the judges in two hours. With their excellent performance on applying what they had learnt, the students were able to make it to the top three and qualified for the final round.

While everyone was ready for the summer vacation in early July, our school team had already formulated their solutions and received training in professional financial design for the Financial Literacy Championship. On the day of the finals, everyone was very nervous as they had to defeat the other seven teams for the award. After discussing and presenting their new financial project, the students managed to impress the judges in two hours’ time. Their professionalism and earnestness granted them the first runner-up in the Financial Literacy Championship 2021.


俊輝升上中學的時候,操一口流利的普通話,在內地長大的俊輝經過刻苦的練習,漸漸地能夠以熟練的廣東話與人溝通。這一天,傳來了好消息,一向刻苦勤奮的俊輝憑著出色的表現,獲選成為南華早報的「The Student of the Year」。

        由南華早報及香港賽馬會舉辦的「The Student of the Year」旨在表揚學生在不同範疇出色的表現。俊輝被老師推薦參加中文(廣東話)組的選拔。經過一輪的面試後,俊輝最終勇奪該組別的第三名。



Standing up to challenges and striving for the excellence – Zhou Junhui wins the title of “The Student of the Year – Linguist (Cantonese)”


Growing up in Mainland China, Junhui was already fluent in Putonghua when he entered secondary school. With his extra hard work in practice, Junhui was able to communicate with people in Cantonese proficiently and his diligence and outstanding performance have him selected as “The Student of the Year” by the South China Morning Post.

The Student of the Year Award organized by the South China Morning Post and the Hong Kong Jockey Club aims to commend students for their outstanding performance in different fields. Junhui was recommended by teachers to participate in “The Student of the Year – Linguist (Cantonese)” category. After rounds of interviews with a panel of judges, he finally won the Second Runner-up of the category.

        Participating in the competition, Junhui shared with the judges on his passion in writing and literature and how he loves taking pictures and documenting precious moments of his life. With his optimism, devotion to life and attitude of standing up to challenges, he has eventually earned the approval of the judges.

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