HK SciFest 香港科學節

MobileLab outside the HK Science Museum


HK SciFest is one of the major platforms for science communication and public engagement with science in Hong Kong. The MobileLab has been invited to join since 2014. We have organized different activities, experiment and lectures to the public and students, including bacterial DNA extraction, Candy DNA model, and making of Foldscope. There are more than 250 participants joining our activities last year.

香港科學節是由科學館主辦,旨讓公眾參與和了解科學的主要平台之一。 MobileLab 自 2014 年起受邀加入,我們為公眾和學生組織了不同的活動、實驗和講座,包括細菌DNA提取、糖果 DNA模型和Foldscope的製作。 去年有超過250名參與者參加我們的活動。

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