Impact 影響

Since 2009, the MobileLab has the mission to promote biotechnology education which has been widely embraced by society. We nurture this vision by delivering a door to door top-tier biotechnology education to primary and secondary schools as well as the public. By taking our scientists and laboratory equipment to their doorstep, the students can have hands-on exploration of the beauty of biotechnology at their ease.


The MobileLab has completed over 400 teaching days, welcoming over 50,000 participants onboard, and visited over 110 schools and organizations throughout these years. There are repeated request of the MobileLab visits from different schools and organization because of the fun and excitement of scientific discovery for participants on board, especially for those who have never done an experiment or been to a science museum or used research equipment.


Recently, there is a great interesting and development in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education in Hong Kong. Our government has provided a lot of funding support for primary and secondary schools to upgrade their equipment, while also giving them the opportunity to join different STEM-related activities.


The MobileLab has many STEM-related programs. “Science@your school”, for example, is a short introduction on the theory and hands-on practical work. Our activities nurture the students’ scientific understanding and laboratory skills, and also engage them with the novel technology in lively and interesting experiments. We offer to all students from Primary Three to Secondary Six Hands-on experience with student-centred approach can give them the opportunity to integrate and apply their knowledge and skills in everyday life.


The MobileLab have marked a difference in the lives of students, teachers, parents and educators. We envision a future of the engagement of students, teachers and general public in biotechnology and bring this to every part of our community.


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