Ho Yu Gym Room / 可譽健身室

Ho Yu College & Primary School (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen) has been granted HK$668,430 from Sir David Trench Fund for Recreation (Main Fund) to fund the procurement of gym equipments and conversion of a dance room into a fitness room for the year of 2014-15.

嗇色園主辦可譽中學暨可譽小學2014-15年度獲戴麟趾爵士康樂基金(主要基金)贊助港元668,430 以購置健身器材和改建健身室。

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IMG 9189-P20  
Treadmill IMG 9105-P20 Custom  IMG 9108-P20 Custom
Rowing Machine IMG 9149-P20 Custom  IMG 9174-P20 Custom
Leg Press IMG 9161-P20 Custom  IMG 9162-P20 Custom

Leg Extension & Leg Curl IMG 9138-P20 Custom  IMG 9139-P20 Custom

Low Row/Pull down IMG 9124-P20 Custom  IMG 9126-P20 Custom

Pec Fly & Rear Delt IMG 9121-P20 Custom  IMG 9128-P20 Custom

Multi-Press IMG 9142-P20 Custom  IMG 9146-P20 Custom

Adjustable Pulley IMG 9132-P20 Custom  IMG 9133-P20 Custom

Dumbbell Rack with Dumbbell Set IMG 9110-P20 Custom  IMG 9196-P20 Custom

Back Extension IMG 9157-P20 Custom  IMG 9158-P20 Custom

Abdominal Decline Bench IMG 9164-P20 Custom  IMG 9166-P20 Custom
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