When West meets East at Ho Yu College and Primary School

Hong Kong is an international city of multiple cultures and ethnicities. Tung Chung is a miniature in which we could find people from all over the world.

At Ho Yu, we have a number of students from different parts of the world, including Japan, Korea, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan and Brazil. Many of them do not have any Chinese background, nor the command of the Chinese language when they first arrive. We are fully aware of their needs and have put in place various measures to support their studies at Ho Yu. We also encourage them to often mingle and mix with their classmates, who are not as proficient in the command of English, to improve their Chinese-speaking skill. We hope they, just like all other Ho Yu kids, could be learning in a pleasant and caring environment and growing up healthily and happily.

We believe in fostering a close, cordial and professional collaboration between the School and the parents for the growth and development of our students. We keep our communication channels open and readily available, disseminating all of the school notices to parents in bilingual versions, and constantly provide to the non-Chinese speaking parents a clear report and update on the development and progress of the School. We organize more evening meetings where parents would meet with the teachers to address any concerns of their children.

To support the students, we arrange special classes and additional measures for them. There are homework classes after school everyday, in which the teacher explains the meaning of the homework in Chinese and guides the students to complete them. There are Supplementary Chinese lessons, in which teaching assistants reinforce the learning of the written Chinese by doing revisions and teaching by story-telling with the students. Peer support in class is also available and a Big Brother or Sister, usually a senior secondary student by assignment, takes care of them on a one-to-one basis. Test and Examination Papers would be tailor-made. Our coordinated efforts, we believe, will encourage and support this cohort of students to be able to be at par with our mainstream students in the proficiencies of the Chinese language in the next two or three years.

We welcome students from different countries to join Ho Yu. Our local students would benefit from the opportunities to know more about people from different countries and their cultures, learn to accommodate them with open mind, and develop together in a multicultural learning environment. We sincerely appreciate the valuable guidance and advice from the parents so that we together can provide the best learning environment for our students.


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