何嘉怡同學修讀應用學習「甜品及咖啡店營運」課 (Patisserie and Café Operations),學習有甜品及咖啡店的特、食、店運作、食衛生知識等,認識何謂理想的業及顧

何光亮修讀應用學習「酒店服務營運」課 (Hospitality Services in Practice),學習酒業三個主要範的基知識,包前台、酒客房部及餐的營運。他以實踐的模學習,並到酒交流,了優質服的重要性。


Applied Learning Scholarship


Applied Learning (ApL) courses help our students to explore their career aspirations and orientation for lifelong learning. It also emphasizes practice and theory in broad professional and vocational fields.

Learning about the characteristics of desserts and café, food production, store operations and food hygiene through the ApL course "Patisserie and Café Operations", Ho Ka Yi from S6C understood the ideals of running a business with good customer services. Ho Kwong Leong Luciano from S6C also took an ApL course "Hospitality Services in Practice" to learn the importance of quality service and fundamentals of the hospitality industry, including front desk, room service and food and beverage operations through a hands-on learning mode and hotel exchanges.

With their dedication in the ApL courses, both of them were awarded the Applied Learning Scholarship from Law’s Charitable Foundation and Education Bureau for their positive learning attitude and outstanding performance.

應用學習2 應用學習3
 發揮理財觸覺  精明規劃未來



今年的初賽以網上問答形式進行,優秀隊伍會到金鐘統一中心The Desk進行現場初賽。可譽同學們在第一階段已輕鬆地獲得到場參與資格,參與今屆賽事新增環節「理財設計思維初選」。同學於比賽當天才知道比賽的題目,在兩小時內就特定的主題展開討論,設計理財的解決方案,並且向評委進行匯報。同學沉着應戰,把所學的知識應用出來,終於成功躋身三強,獲得晉身決賽的資格。


 Demonstrating Financial Acumen and Planning for the Future Wisely:
Ho Yu Students Won the First Runner-up in Hong Kong Financial Literacy Championship 2021

The Hong Kong Financial Literacy Championship 2021 is organized by iKNOW of Hong Kong Economic Journal and co-organized by the Education Bureau and Hong Kong Monetary Authority, aiming to help young people make the best use of FinTech to manage personal finance and raise their awareness of cybersecurity. It also educates them to protect personal property and privacy properly, and plan for their future wisely.

This year's preliminary round was conducted in the form of online quizzes, with the best teams selected to participate in the next round of on-site selection – “Financial Design Thinking Workshop”, which took place in The Desk at Admiralty Centre. Ho Yu students who joined the on-site selection were required to discuss a specific topic, design a financial solution and present it to the judges in two hours. With their excellent performance on applying what they had learnt, the students were able to make it to the top three and qualified for the final round.

While everyone was ready for the summer vacation in early July, our school team had already formulated their solutions and received training in professional financial design for the Financial Literacy Championship. On the day of the finals, everyone was very nervous as they had to defeat the other seven teams for the award. After discussing and presenting their new financial project, the students managed to impress the judges in two hours’ time. Their professionalism and earnestness granted them the first runner-up in the Financial Literacy Championship 2021.


俊輝升上中學的時候,操一口流利的普通話,在內地長大的俊輝經過刻苦的練習,漸漸地能夠以熟練的廣東話與人溝通。這一天,傳來了好消息,一向刻苦勤奮的俊輝憑著出色的表現,獲選成為南華早報的「The Student of the Year」。

        由南華早報及香港賽馬會舉辦的「The Student of the Year」旨在表揚學生在不同範疇出色的表現。俊輝被老師推薦參加中文(廣東話)組的選拔。經過一輪的面試後,俊輝最終勇奪該組別的第三名。



Standing up to challenges and striving for the excellence – Zhou Junhui wins the title of “The Student of the Year – Linguist (Cantonese)”


Growing up in Mainland China, Junhui was already fluent in Putonghua when he entered secondary school. With his extra hard work in practice, Junhui was able to communicate with people in Cantonese proficiently and his diligence and outstanding performance have him selected as “The Student of the Year” by the South China Morning Post.

The Student of the Year Award organized by the South China Morning Post and the Hong Kong Jockey Club aims to commend students for their outstanding performance in different fields. Junhui was recommended by teachers to participate in “The Student of the Year – Linguist (Cantonese)” category. After rounds of interviews with a panel of judges, he finally won the Second Runner-up of the category.

        Participating in the competition, Junhui shared with the judges on his passion in writing and literature and how he loves taking pictures and documenting precious moments of his life. With his optimism, devotion to life and attitude of standing up to challenges, he has eventually earned the approval of the judges.






Dear parents and students,

We sincerely thank you for your enthusiastic support for the photo collection event of the World Voice Day 2021.

During the event, our school collected a large number of nice photos. However, due to plenty of excellent works, we are sorry that we cannot include all of them in our promotional video. The submitted photos have already been uploaded on the school website for everyone’s appreciation.

Last but not least, on behalf of the organizer, we would like to thank you again and sincerely ask for your continuous support and participation in our future activities. We wish you all the very best.

Yours faithfully,
Ho Yu College and Primary School (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen)







全港小學生「我是KOL」 比賽網上頒獎典禮剪影



相片 /Photos


Aiming to exercise the flexibility of learning modes and strengthen students’ speaking ability, ‘I’m a KOL’ competition provides a platform for primary school students in Hong Kong to produce educational videos in which students are permitted to select and use their own choice of materials and adopt their preferred ways of presentation. We are delighted to announce the achievements of our student, Zhou Chin Yu of P.6B, who performed outstandingly and showcased her talent in the competition. Being able to impress the judges, she has earned ‘the Best Potential Award’ and ‘the Most Favorite Award Online’. Congratulations to Chin Yu and we hope she can keep up her good work!









The objectives of Hong Kong Green School Award Scheme are to encourage schools to formulate a school environmental policy and environmental management plan towards a green school; enhance environmental awareness, develop environmentally friendly attitude and promote green practices among school managers, teachers, non-teaching staff, students and their parents.

We have been devotedly making efforts in implementing measures aiming to build a greener campus, raise students’ awareness of environmental protection, and encourage them to think and act green in their daily living. Our students have started learning about nature, conservation and waste reduction since primary levels. We believe the emphasis on Information Technology in education can stimulate students’ research and study, enrich their knowledge in an eco-friendly energy generation and enhance their desire to seek for other effective ways of conserving the earth.  Having successfully put into practice our aims and beliefs, we are indeed overjoyed to receive recognition from the Environmental Campaign Committee, Environmental Protection Department and the Education Bureau and have been granted the Hong Kong Green School Award in both Secondary and Primary School Categories.

With collective efforts of everyone at Ho Yu, we help make changes in various aspects of our daily lives by nurturing a cleaner, greener and better lifestyle.


相片 / Photos




In order to cultivate students’ environmental awareness and encourage them to lead a green life, our school has participated in “Islands Community Green Station” project organized by the Environmental Protection Department. Collection points are set up in school for everyone to separate their washed waste for recycling and thereby building a green community. After the Mid-Autumn Festival, we took the initiative to launch a “Mooncake Boxes Recycling Campaign” to collect clean mooncake boxes that are made of metal or paper for four consecutive days. 

Our two principals, teachers, staff members of the general office and students from both college and primary school have actively participated in the whole-school campaign. In just two days, we collected nearly fifty mooncake boxes, which are to be sent to the recycling centre of “Islands Community Green Station”. The Mooncake Boxes Recycling Campaign allows students to contribute to the community by supporting regional waste reduction and recycling. Being responsible to our environment, Ho Yu students have spent a meaningful “Green Mid-Autumn Festival” through taking actions to build a green community.


相片 / Photos







We believe that character education can be achieved through experience. As teachers, we are continuously trying our best to create experiences for our students. Therefore, our school participated in the ‘Sing Out’ character education musical project sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.

Despite the fact that the original plan of physical training was disrupted by the pandemic, thirteen S4 and S5 students from our school were selected to take part in online courses and short film performances. The learning outcomes are presented in the form of a short musical film.

The project aims to develop our students’ ‘four Ds’, namely ‘Dedication’, ‘Discipline’, Self-Discovery’ and ‘Delight’. Participating students have been fully involved in the musical theatre training and have been meticulous in their practice and performance. Besides, students’ discipline has been cultivated through team activities. While experiencing failures and frustrations during the training, students are able to discover and understand themselves more. Without any doubt, having a chance to meet like-minded friends and accomplish the tasks together successfully brings them a lot of joy. Upon completion of the project, all students agreed that the musical theatre training was definitely an unforgettable experience. 


 相片 / Photos





In the wish to lay a more solid foundation for the junior primary students and for them to have a smoother and orderly transition to the “self-regulated learning” mode operated in the senior primary and junior secondary levels, our teachers have tailor-made a programme called “DEAR” for our primary one students. We believe that if we can establish a DAILY reading habit for our children at the beginning stage of learning, it will help them develop the spirit of EXPLORATION. Meanwhile, we value children’s learning experiences, hoping that ACHIEVEMENT will come along step by step as they make REFLECTION on their experiences. 

This is how we came to name our programme "DEAR", which means becoming "what we cherish". We hope that our children, just as seedlings, will grow up and develop their full potential under the advantages of "through-train" education.


相片 / Photos


       可譽派出兩隊分別由中五及中六同學組成的車隊──「Mobius」及「Sun Idea」,參加中學新能源電動車設計挑戰賽。「Sun Idea」獲得最佳能源效益獎冠軍,「Mobius」則獲得最佳團體服裝設計獎季軍,成績十分理想。


     「Sun Idea」隊員第二次參與這個比賽,隊員們希望能發展出更有效率、更先進的太陽能車,於是決定再次參加比賽,改良車輛的不足之處。經過多次的失敗和試驗,「Sun Idea」最終獲得成功。



Mobius” and “Sun Idea”, two teams composed of Ho Yu Secondary 5 and 6 students respectively have achieved amazing results in Youth New Energy Electric Vehicle Design Competition, with the former team winning the 2nd runner up for the Best Team Costume Design Award and the latter team winning the champion for the Best Energy Efficiency Award.

Every part of the two solar-powered vehicles was assembled by the students with their own hands. It has taken the “Mobius” team around four months to produce the solar-powered vehicle. They are very proud of their achievements that stemmed from their excellent division of work according to individual talents of the team members.

The “Sun Idea” team decided to take part in the competition for the second time because the team hoped to develop a more efficient and advanced solar-powered vehicle. After many trials and failures, the team has finally succeeded in the competition by improving on the shortcomings of their previous design.

Striving for the same goal and the time spent together in the physics room to prepare for the competition has created unforgettable memories and enriching experiences for all the team members. The hard work of our students has finally been rewarded. 



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